(Watch) Piers Morgan Confronts Homophobe Ben Shapiro; Chris Evans Tweets His Dislike of Shapiro

Last night, Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro told CNN’s Piers Morgan that if you think Jason Collins coming out as gay is a big deal then you hate America because you think America is a homophobic country.


Morgan confronted Shapiro over a series of distasteful tweets he made immediately following Collin’s announcement. “Come off it,” Morgan said. “Give the guy a break. He’s the first one to come out. He’s a brave guy. I applaud him. To have your first thought to get on Twitter and sneer him, it’s cheap.” Shapiro tweeted on Monday:

  After the segment aired, Actor Chris Evan, who has an openly gay brother, tweeted this:

To which Shapiro responded:


Obviously the man is delusional to think Evans would like him after his relentless attacks on gays and lesbians.

Watch Piers Morgan destroy Shapiro’s ridiculous argument below:

Watch Piers Morgan Face Off With Ben Shapiro

Chris’ reaction to Shapiro’s comments:


And in case you were wondering, this is Scott Evans, Chris’ gay brother: