L.A. 98.7 Radio Station Posted Listener’s Letter Who Was Offended By Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’

L.A.’s 98.7 FM alternative rock radio station has posted a letter from a listener who has taken offense from the stations playing of Macklemore’s song “Same Love.” Macklemore wrote the song after hearing about the death on a young gay teen. The song talks about love and acceptance of gays and lesbians.

The Station writes:

Hey guys, I got this letter in the mail from a listener and wanted to see what you all thought. I don’t feel this way, just want people to do their thing and be happy, but I know its a hot topic. How do you feel about this song? Should it not be played? We dont share these opinions but we respect everyones. Let us know what you think in comments below.

They posted the following letter on their website:

Here are some of the listener comments left on 98.7’s website: (I couldn’t find any comments agreeing with the letter)

Jen Soto:
You always have to choice to change the station, or turn the radio off or switch to your ipod or put in your favorite cd…there are so many choices! Keep Rockin on 98.7!

Nate Merandi:
Holysh*t — people still write letters?

And there are still homophobes?

Amanda Gray:
Of all the problems going on in the world right now, this is the issue this person thinks deserves a strongly worded (extremely poorly written) letter? Maybe all the “friends” who this was supposedly written for didn’t do it themselves for a good reason! Take a hint. Allowing oneself to be “sickened” by a song sounds like a personal issue.

Aengus Cargo:
Dear Radio: I feel majorly sickened and uncomfortable when I hear Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” It is your duty to stop playing it immediately ’cause I say so and I am a special snowflake. Thank you for your time and consideration of this letter.

Sandra French:
Change the station or stop being hateful, your choice.

Matt Consola:
WOW! The fact that two straight guys (Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis) felt the need to write a song about “Same Love” and tolerance speaks volumes about how far our country & the music industry has come. And it’s people like this, who show just how far our country needs to come. When the writer makes statements like “Know Homosexulaity is Wrong” and “making their choices” not to mention “feeling majorly sickened” , this persons bigotry, ignorance and hatred sickens me.

And what about the reverse? What about all of the straight love songs, raps and pop songs that bombard gay people daily. Yet oddly, I don’t see gay people writing in to ask that straight oriented love songs be removed because they are sickening.

In a hyper masculine industry like Rap & Hip Hop, I’m amazed that two straight guys would even take on the subject. And for those who may not know, this track was actually their first release off this album and it topped charts around the world. It’s only being released here in the States as their third single only because how intolerant our radio can society can be. So I applaud 98-7FM for playing the track and I applaud the band for not only writing it but feeling the need to release the track as their first single when it could have had massive repercussions on their career. It’s just unfortunate that in their own country, they had to release the track third. But things are looking up when major stations don’t think twice about playing a track like this. Especially when Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis are not on a major label (the are 100% self released) and have no major label forcing the stations to play the track. Kudos 98.7 FM.

Macklemore’s Same Love Music Video: