(Watch) Stephen Colbert: Gay Marriage Fraud, Gun Control = Barn Yard Orgies & More

Stephen Colbert took a look at Georgia GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart’s recent remarks against gay marriage. Not only did she say it is not right because same-sex couples “do not have the equipment” for a sexual relationship but also claimed that heterosexuals will lie about their sexuality to pretend to get gay-married and collect the benefits.

This was Colbert’s response to that ‘logical’ argument:

Yes. A free ride. This entire battle about marriage equality has really been about straight men trying to get free health care. Because if there’s one thing I know about straight guys – it’s that they will jump at any chance for their peers to think they might be gay… Of course two straight guys getting married for benefits isn’t a new scheme. It was blown wide open in the explosive documentary I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Colbert Discusses Gay marriage Fraud

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Stephen also tackled Louie Gohmert’s logical argument against gun control which has proven that any liberal policy eventually leads to sex with animals.


Colbert discusses Gun Control and Barn Orgies

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