(Watch) Viral: World’s Dumbest Burglars: Sliding Glass Door Edition

Two Viral videos featuring the world’s dumbest burglars have gone viral this week and they share one thing in common, a sliding glass door.


Redding police in California, released this surveillance video of a bumbling and oddly dressed burglary suspect who threw a rock earlier at the glass front door of Kent’s Market, in March 2013. After smashing the glass, the suspect bolted and tripped over a parking bumper. The video already has 5.7 million views on Youtube.

Checkout Bumbling Suspect #1

The second video features a criminal who snatches a purse from a 50-year-old woman at a newsagent in Perth, Western Australia. After fleeing through the mall, the suspect unwittingly ran through the glass pane of a sliding glass door and fell flat on his face.

burglar 1

The injured man stumbled to his feet before he and his accomplice made off in a stolen green Lexus. They are still at large.

Checkout Bumbling Suspect #2

Bonus Videos:

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