Australia’s Archbishop of Brisbane Calls Homosexuality A “Warp In The Creation”

It seems like same-sex marriage is the great debate around the world at the moment. The following video is a segment from the Australian TV talk show “Q&A” where a panel of 5 public figures answer questions provided by viewers and the studio audience.

In responding to an audience members question, Archbishop Mark Coleridge admitted that homosexuality was not a choice but then he dismissed homosexuality as a “warp in the creation.”


Comedian Josh Thomas got the opportunity to challenge an Archbishop’s views on homosexuality live on Q&A this week.

The exchange was sparked when an audience member asked Metropolitan Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge: “Why should your beliefs impact on my ability to be perhaps taken in front of a justice and for them to preside over my marriage?”

“I’d distinguish completely between sexual orientation and lifestyle,” Coleridge initially responded. “They are not necessarily the same thing. Lifestyle is chosen, sexual orientation is not. That’s an important distinction.”

“So if it is not chosen, that means God has created it?” asked the show’s host Tony Jones.

“No, not necessarily at all,” replied Coleridge. “It can be a warp in the creation to use that rather unfortunate expression.”

Sensing Thomas would have a firm view on this, Jones threw to the young comedian for a quick interjection.

“Well, obviously I don’t think I am a warp in God’s plan,” he argued. “Obviously I reject that.

“Marriage in our country is not a religious institution – we’re talking about changing the law.

“When I kiss my boyfriend goodnight and I tell him that I love him and he says, ‘I love you too’ and we fall asleep hugging each other… what about that is hurting you?”

Watch the segment below

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