(Watch) A Look Back At The Best Gay Wedding And Proposal Videos Part I

A Look Back at the Most Memorable Gay Wedding and Proposal Videos Part I

To mark this week’s landmark hearings at the Supreme Court on the issue of same-sex marriage, we have put together a list of our favorite Wedding and Marriage Proposals. This is a tribute to the love that a couple shares whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, or whatever they may be labeled. All loving couples deserve to be treated equally under the eyes of the law no matter where they live. It is also a reminder that no law’s or personal beliefs can keep two loving and committed partners from committing themselves to each other in front of the entire world.

Our wish is that every LGBT couple in the U.S. and around the world may one day have the right to legally marry the love of their lives. That moment may finally be near for Americans, as the U.S. Supreme Court will make their decision on the issue sometime in the next few months. Until that moment arrives, the fight for the equality of every single person will continue. So keep a box of tissues nearby, because you are going to need them!


Let’s start with one of my favorite weddings from November of last year. Australia couple Clinton and Callum legally tied the knot in the UK and had a commitment ceremony in Australia (Australia currently does not allow same-sex marriage.)

Clinton and Callum’s Ceremony

Joe Benarroch Proposes to Boyfriend Jason Fournier

This is one of my all-time favorite proposals, not only is it extremely touching but it is one of the most creative proposals I have seen. Find out what happens when RedEye reader Joe Benarroch proposes to boyfriend Jason Fournier in Kyra Kyles’ Going Public column.

Kyle Proposes to Tommy at the ‘Dear Abbeys’ Concert

“9 Years Strong – Let’s Put an End to Marriage Discrimination” Wedding Video

I decided to post this video online after a friend convinced me that it would be a good idea. The video is a document of the nine years that my partner and I have happily been together, including our wedding. With same-sex marriage still being a hot-button issue in many countries, I thought it was important to share our story, stand up for marriage equality and show the world how gay and lesbian couples are really no different than anyone else.

F*F – Flash Mob de Pedido de Casamento (Wedding Proposal) – Gabriel e Daniel

Best Gay Marriage Proposal Singapore (MUST WATCH!!!)

Patrick and Sébastien’s Wedding

We love this stop-motion Wedding video, shot at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal on Patrick and Sébastien’s wedding day.

Gay Military Proposal

This is True Love: The Love Story Of Bill & John, Together for 54 years

Sean Fritz & Tim McQuillan’s Iowa Wedding Aug 31, 2007

Sean Fritz, 24, and Tim McQuillan, 21 were married Friday, Aug. 31, in Des Moines, Iowa. The two Iowa State University students rushed to file all the necessary paperwork and have a marriage ceremony after a judge struck down the state’s law preventing same-sex marriages. Shortly after they were married, the judge issued a stay, which prevented the county recorder from issuing any more marriage licenses.

Amir & Chandler’s Wedding

Chandler and Amir’s wedding in Provincetown.

István and Tamás’ Budapest Wedding

István and Tamás were married in ceremony in Budapest, Hungary in 2011,

Paul and David’s Wedding

In A simple Courthouse Wedding Paul and David tie the knot.

Tony & Kevin’s Wedding

This couple read a passage from Harry Potter before they exchanged vows in Lake Tahoe.

JoAnna & Jenny’s Wedding

A short doc styled wedding video with interviews with JoAnna and Jenny and their families and highlighting the difficulties facing lesbian and gay couples.

Gay Wedding Montage