Gay Man Allegedly Stoned To Death In Somalia, Africa

A gay man was allegedly stoned to death for being gay in Somalia, after being found guilty by a judge for committing sodomy, Identity Kenya report:

MOGADISHU, March 18 – A GAY man was allegedly stoned to death as punishment for homosexuality, a gay Muslim group has said Saturday.

According to Somali Gay Community, the young man, Mohamed Ali Baashi ,18, was buried in a hole up to his chest and then pelted with rocks by members of the Al Qaeda link group Al Shabaab on Friday, March 15, in Barawe, about 50 miles from the capital, Mogadishu.

The group, through its Facebook page, Somali Gay Community, posted three photos of alleging they were from the stoning.

However, Identity Kenya could not independently verify this claims or the alleged stoning and efforts to reach the group have not been successful.

The group said the young man was accused of sodomy and was stoned to death by Islamic rebels while horrified villagers were forced to watch.

According to the reports, a judge announced that Mohamed Baashi, along with a man who had been accused of murder, had both confessed to their crimes. The alleged murderer got a more merciful punishment. He was shot to death, the group said over the weekend.

“This is their day of justice,” the judge, told the hundreds of villagers who had been forced to attend.

“We investigated, and this man did what Muslims shouldn’t do and as a result, he will be stoned to death and the one that killed someone will be shot because homosexuality is more punishable in Islam,” the judge is alleged to have said.

An edited version of alleged victim of the stoning (Source: Somalia Gay Community Facebook)
An edited version of alleged victim of the stoning (Source: Somalia Gay Community Facebook)

A similar incident occured in Somalia back in December of 2009. (Caution: Images are extremely disturbing)

UPDATE: March 21, 2013 5:12 PM EST

The AP has backed up the initial report we reported to you Thursday:

A militant official and a Somali resident say al-Shabab fighters have stoned to death a man for carrying out a homosexual sex act. The resident, Yusuf Abdi, said the group buried a blindfolded man to his waist last Friday and threw stones at him until he died.