The Oscars: According To GIFS

A GIF Recap of Films Biggest Night

Posted By: Adrian Garcia | Feb 25, 2013 at 12:31 am EST

Welcome To The Oscars 2013 According to GIFS


Jennifer Lawrence Had a Question For Ryan Seacrest..




She showed off her dress too



kristen stewart showed up with a few extra accessories



Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Photo-bombed These Reporters


Seth McFarland Hosted the Oscars


He Had A couple Jokes


Jennifer Lawrence Laughed


Chris Evans Was There!!


Sandra Bullock struggled to open a paper envelope

And made this face


And then this happened



KStew limped onto the stage


Anne Hathaway wins Supporting Actress Oscar for ‘Les Miserables’



Thunderbuddies Ted and Marky Mark Presented


Adelle Saaaang


& Then This Oscar Made Adelle Very Happy


Michelle Obama presented an Oscar for Best Picture from The White House


J Law won an Oscar, but had a lil trouble getting to the stage


Thank you Jennifer Lawrence for always being yourself! And Thats The Oscars 2013 in case you missed it

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