(Watch) A Gay Mormon Documents His Coming Out Experience

On Tuesday, Jimmy Hales published his coming out experience on his YouTube channel and on his personal blog. In an attempt to come to grips with his homosexuality and to help others struggling with coming out, he decided to document his experience. On his channel he writes

[quote_box author=”” profession=””]”Studying at BYU as a closet gay Mormon has been quite an experience. I finally decided to come out and stop living a lie. I’m still, and will forever be, a faithful Mormon, so it looks like I’m not going to marry and therefore live a single life through this mortal existence. Sucks.”[/quote_box]

In the video, Jimmy captured the responses from his his brother, sister, lifelong best friend, roommates at Brigham Young University and also his mother. He even comes out in Mandarin and also in sign language to two of his friends. The Mormon Church considers “same-sex attraction” an unfortunate temptation, and acting on it constitutes a serious sin. Perhaps that is why he states in his video that he will live a life of celibacy. You can read more about his coming out experience at his personal blog here.

Watch his coming out experience below